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  majmoei az kameltarin bothae online & offline eng...! poshtibani kamel az server

coded by *per$eus*@n.c

Baraye estefade az in BOT harfe moshakhase ra hamrah ba yek fasele va pas az an ID morede nazar be BOT befrestid. baraye mesal: P userid
List horofe moshakhase:  
P baraye didan etelate kamele karbar.
N baraye didan payame shakhsi (pm) va name mostaar (nick name) karbar.
A baraye daryafte linke tasvire karbar.
C baraye didan tarikhe ijad shodane yek name karbari.
R baraye danestane inke yek karbar online hast ya kheir (hata agar karbar penhan bashad).
Baraye check kardane hozore yek karbar dar yek room az in dastor estefade konid: IS userid IN esmeroom (baraye mesal: IS zero IN love~english).

Tamame dastorat bedone vared kardane domaine niz ghabele ejra hastand - dastorat hamchenin baraye ID haye symbolic niz kar mikonand.
Baraye ersal kardane soal ya payam be modire BOT harfe Q ra hamra ba yek fasele va pas az an payame morede nazar be BOT befrestid. (baraye mesal: Q Hi Ultimate Zero I have a problem with...) va modir dar avalin forsat be shoma pasokh khahad dad.
Baraye didan digar BOT haye mofide sakhte shode tavasote Ultimate Zero kalame BOTS ra befrestid.
(Thanks to for translating)
Send ABOUT to see more info about this bot and its creator.
Send CHANGELANG to change the language.

To repeat the last command you've used, send L
To search for Nimbuzz users. Send S followed by username or email.
S ultimate idin
To see the last 5 users you checked, send LAST
To search for chatrooms, send F followed by roomname (Example: F english)
To see the current users of a chatroom, send U followed by roomname.
To get invited to a chatroom, send J followed by roomname.

 I CAN NOT help you with your hacked/blocked ids | Send HELP to know how to use this bot. Send ABOUT to know more about this bot. Send BOTS to see other useful bots. --Created by Ultimate idin [Bot admin status: Offline]

Things you should know about this bot:
This bot was originally created in Python, and being hosted and administered by Ultimate Zero (, since May, 2012.
All the features in this bot are legal and approved by Nimbuzz terms and conditions. Most of the features are already features in Nimbuzz and I simply made it easier to reach them.. The rest of Spybot features are using a little bit of "glitching" to achieve.
Those features work on all Nimbuzz users, not only Spybot users.. Therefore, using Spybot won't give you any con's or make you vulnerable.
The messages you send to the bot are not being stored, but the admin of this bot can view them in real-time.
As the admin of this bot, I guarantee the total privacy of the messages you send, and I guarantee that they won't be stored or used against you anyhow.

Things you should know about the creator of this bot:
I am just an amateur programmer, not a professional, self-taught.
I am a pure Egyptian male, I only understand English and Arabic; I do not understand Hindi or any other language, so don't send me messages in these languages.
I am NOT a Nimbuzz admin, I am just another ambassador, and I have created Lyrics Buddy for N-World.. That's pretty much all what relate me to Nimbuzz team.
I am NOT a hacker, I do NOT hack Ids and chatrooms nor offer such services.
I do NOT own a chat room, but I roam around English chat rooms mostly.
I do NOT sell stylish/arabic Ids or whatever type of Ids you want. I don't even have a stylish Id nor thought about getting one (I simply don't see the point in using an Id that you haven't created.)

Finally, I would like to clarify some important points:

1- I can NOT block or unblock Ids; never send me messages asking me to do that.
2- I can NOT create stylish/arabic Ids.
3- I can NOT give you the password of any Id or give you a service that allow you to.
4- I can NOT set a bot in your chat room on my server, I can only help you to set one on your own.
5- I can NOT help you to get your hacked Id back, or your hacked chat room (As I said above, am not a Nimbuzz admin).
6- I am NOT interested in buying your special Ids or softwares.
7- I can NOT offer a service that is obviously considered as privacy-breaking, such as checking contact list of another user, viewing their private messages, etc.
8- I can NOT add the "check last seen" feature. (Yeah, this one worth its own line -_- ).

If you are trying to add Spybot from another Id and it isn't accepting at all, make sure your other Id has a profile, because the bot will automatically block any Id that tries to add it and has no profile. (If you already got blocked from the bot, send me a message via the Q command).
Max users per Id in Nimbuzz is currently 2000, if you added a full spybot Id, it will tell you to add the next one, and so on..
Do NOT delete Spybot while it's offline or not working if you are planning to add it again, else you will have troubles adding it again.
You can NOT add more than one Spybot Id (to give space for new users).

Spybot was only created to help users achieve simple and handy features, no profits were made behind it.

That's all,
Enjoy spying!

Ultimate idin

1. Spybot (See users profile, user pic, ID creation date, is the user in a certain room, is the user online, search for users by name or email.)

IDs: , , , , -*spybot* , =*spybot* , +*spybot* , (*spybot*) , !~spybot~! , !*spybot*! , !+spybot+! , )!spybot!( , (!spybot!) , -!-spybot-! , =!=spybot=! , +!+spybot+! , -(-spybot-) , -)-spybot-( , !-!spybot!-! , !*!spybot!*! , !+!spybot!+!

all offline...!

+!+spybot+!  online 24 bot server 949

2. Room search bot (Search for chatrooms easily, see the room users without entering, make the bot invite you to the room, save your favorite rooms in the bot database.) [MERGED]
ID: , ,

3. Lyrics bot (Get songs lyrics easily in your chat window)
ID: (Add it by going to NWorld>Chat buddies>Information, or by typing "bot lyrics" WITHOUT QUOTATION in Nimbuzz add contact field) [REMOVED]
3. Room search bot (Search for chatrooms easily, see the room users without entering, make the bot invite you to the room, save your favorite rooms in the bot database.) [MERGED]


coded by *per$eus*@n.c